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Ready to paint in 10 minutes

Bobby is a simple plug-and-play painting solution ready to go in three quick steps:
1) Insert the pillar into the mobile base
2) Connect the pump and add paint
3) Position the platform and press start to get going

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One person can handle it

Being modular in designed allows the solution to be easily disassembled and moved around. Whether it is up or down floors or from project to project. One person can simply move it around and can be transported smoothly in the back of your van. 

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Takes care of heights

The solution takes on the physically demanding parts of painting as it handles the difficult tasks above shoulder height. The extendable pillar can spray paint walls and ceilings up to 3.5 meters high, allowing your painters to focus on other high-value tasks.

ROICO Robotic painting tool for empowering Painters Mobile base Close up

Easy to control

With ROICO’s integrated mobile application, painters are always in full control of the tool. Bobby can be started, stopped, or paused directly from the app at any point. It also gives information about the progress and amount of paint.

Collecting useful data

Not only does the app allow tracking the status of the current painting job, but it also tracks important data in terms of sustainability and ESG reporting. Be informed about the amount of paint you used, CO2 you saved, or efficiency per square meter and utilize this data for your business making it easy to align with the increasing sustainability requirements.

ROICO Robotic painting tool for empowering Painters Mobile base Close up

Why We Started

Tijmen Spiertz

When we experienced the challenges of painting ourselves, we set out to learn everything we could to develop a tool to overcome these issues that painters’ face. Back strain, tight margins and increasing difficulty finding skilled colleagues are only the top of the iceberg.

We spent a lot of time speaking with painters, associations, and with everyone involved in the construction painting industry. Observing ambitious and excited for new tools painters inspired us to develop a tool that makes them more productive, reduce their costs, and, most importantly, reduce the hard labour that wears painters down.

That is exactly why ROICO exists. Our mission and purpose is to empower painters.

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